Eaton’s 9170+ Refresh is Finally Here! – Eaton 9PXM UPS

9PXM 12 Slot

If you’ve been around UPS systems even a little bit over the years you’ve surely seen a 9170. The original design was a white/beige but for a while now, they’ve been black. It’s been a solid system, and was a very forward-thinking modular design, way before modular was cool. Here’s a quick glance at the new 9PXM, the modern 9170+ refresh at Eaton 9PX Brochure – CSS

It’s more efficient, a higher power factor, internally redundant, and scalable from 4kVA to a full 20kVA.

There are many configurations available, and some with very extended runtimes. If you have an application for a scalable small-mid size single-phase UPS or if you would like to learn more about the 9PXM, contact me and I can help you work through the options.


Since 2008 Nathan has worked as an Account & Project Executive with Critical Site Solutions which is a Texas based firm located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. CSS provides UPS and IT Power Distribution equipment, design support, project engineering, and turnkey project services for computer rooms and the critical environment.

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