Eaton’s 9170+ Refresh is Finally Here! – Eaton 9PXM UPS

9PXM 12 Slot

If you’ve been around UPS systems even a little bit over the years you’ve surely seen a 9170. The original design was a white/beige but for a while now, they’ve been black. It’s been a solid system, and was a very forward-thinking modular design, way before modular was cool. Here’s a quick glance at the new 9PXM, the modern 9170+ refresh at Eaton 9PX Brochure – CSS

It’s more efficient, a higher power factor, internally redundant, and scalable from 4kVA to a full 20kVA.

There are many configurations available, and some with very extended runtimes. If you have an application for a scalable small-mid size single-phase UPS or if you would like to learn more about the 9PXM, contact me and I can help you work through the options.


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