Temporary UPS Battery Removal


Quite frequently, I get calls asking if it is alright to temporarily remove batteries from a battery cabinet while moving in a new UPS system. This is because it’s fairly common for (1) UPS battery cabinet on top of a pallet to weigh around 5,000 lb. Each jar could weight up to 50 or even over 100 lb. depending on the configuration so removing even a few trays in the top sections can make a big difference.

To answer the question, yes you can remove them. But be careful! Even though the connectors aren’t made from the factory (don’t connect these, the Eaton Field Engineer will handle this at startup), these are still live batteries with a charge on them. Only a qualified electrician should perform this task.

Keep in mind that what comes out must go back in as it once was. Take pictures and notes, not leaving any detail out.

Lastly, these suckers are heavy! Most of the time, just (1) tray houses (4) 12-volt battery jars. There are many manufacturers that build special lifts that will allow you to slide out the tray, then safety lower the removed tray to the ground. I’ve seen it done with pure muscle, but it is recommended to have a mechanical-assist method for safety purposes as well as efficiency. Then for re-installation, just do the opposite.

IMG_2656 (1)

So long as everything is back as it was when received, there shouldn’t be any issue when it’s time to start up the system.

If you decide to perform this procedure go to my Emergency Support¬†page and contact Eaton / Powerware’s tech support line for help working through the details.

You definitely don’t want to get this process wrong!


Author: nathanwhaley.blog

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