Eaton 93PM UPS Installation Notes (part #1)

Covering three phase capacity ranges from 20kW all the way up to 400kW, the Eaton 93PM UPS is a great fit for many applications. This flexibility however means even if you’ve installed a 93PM previously, a different configuration might require a completely different wiring scheme and physical lineup. This post is the first of a multi-part series regarding Eaton 93PM UPS install notes that I have compiled in hopes to increase the efficiency of the installation process.

For Part #1 of this series I will address the major AC/DC termination points on a 208V configuration with the 3-breaker sidecar maintenance bypass as follows:

  • UPS Enclosure 208/120V 4W+G in/out
  • 3-Breaker Sidecar Bypass
  • External Line-and-Match Battery Cabinet

The drawing packet below is a 208/120V 4W+G 93PM however the general concept translates to the 480V 3W+G and 4W+G configurations as well. Note that the sidecar and breaker physical layout may be different depending on your exact system.

Eaton 93PM 208/120V with 3CB sidecar, left-mount

Eaton 93PM 480V with 3CB sidecar, right-mount

The electrical contractor will be responsible for:

  • All installation material such as feeder / output wiring, basic communication wiring for the battery cabinet, all customer-network monitoring connections
  • Receiving, rigging, setting the equipment in its final location
  • Mounting / joining all cabinets per the provided installation manual
  • Providing/terminating the AC input feed(s)
  • Providing/terminating the main output feeding the critical load
  • Terminating DC cables on both the UPS and the battery cabinet(s)
  • DC Cables and Conduit if mounting remote from the UPS
  • Providing and installing (2) #18 twisted pair between the UPS and the battery cabinet (daisy chain multiple cabinets). The Eaton Startup Engineer will terminate these wires during the startup visit

Eaton Factory-Provided:

  • The sidecar bypass ships from Eaton pre-bolted and pre-wired to/from the UPS module input and output
  • Eaton provides the DC cables for the battery cabinet(s)
  • If configured at the time of order, the web communication card will be pre-installed in the top section of the UPS module

To get an idea of every item that needs to be completed prior to startup by our Eaton field engineer, take a look at the Eaton UPS Startup Form for details. If any questions come up, please send me a note and I’d be happy to help.



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