Safety First! – UPS System Replacement in Waco, TX

I am so thankful to team up with specialty contractors and service groups that put safety first!

Eaton field engineers performed the startup a load bank test on (2) Eaton 93PM UPS systems during a weekend replacement shutdown. Between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, our excellent installation team removed (2) aging UPS systems. They replaced these systems and had everything carrying a critical load by the end of the weekend.

These weekend replacement projects are challenging and typically done in a narrow service window. For everyone involved our priority is always safety first. Although there is always an urgency to these situations, we still must follow protocol.

CEC, you guys came in full force on this project and got it done! Congratulations to everyone on a successful project. You got the client up-and-running by Sunday night, and everyone went home safely. It was not an easy task, but our team got it done together.

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