Tenant-Finish UPS Right-Sizing

Eaton 93PM UPS and Maintenance Bypass alternative

Often times a tenant will move into a new facility, and there is already an existing UPS system installed. If this occurs, let us help evaluate the viability of re-using or providing a right-sized alternative.

Here is a project we did in partnership with JMEG, LLC’s Tenet Finish group, EA Electric. Quickly we discovered that the client’s existing UPS system was outdated and oversized, so we provided an alternative solution. The JMEG / EA crew installed the new Eaton 93PM UPS that was more cost-effective, appropriately sized, and efficient. Thank’s JMEG / EA for working with us on this project to provide an excellent alternative for the end-user!

JMEG, LLC’s tenet finish group, and EA Electric provided the electrical installation. The General Contractor was Balfour Beatty.

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