9315 UPS Module-Only Upgrade

Occasionally we come across a situation where replacing an entire UPS system is either not required, or not cost effective. This great Fort Worth area customer had new batteries on racks that they wanted to re-use but needed to replace their end-of-service-life Powerware 9315 UPS.

After visiting the site and collaborating with the factory, our field services team, and the electrical contractor we were able to come up with a solution to swap that allowed us to re-use the DC disconnects, the existing bypass panel, and the existing batteries but provide a brand new Eaton 93PM UPS module. If you have a unique project that needs figured out, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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Author: nathanwhaley.blog

Based out of the North Texas area, Nathan Whaley is a provider of electrical & mechanical systems, contracting, project management and design-build services, Husband to the most amazing wife ever, and Dad to 3 of the coolest kids on the planet! Nathan likes most activities, places, and of course the gear for all things “outdoors", playing the drums, and enjoying life while living just a bit outside the lines of normal.

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