Eaton 93PM UPS Installation Notes (part #1)

Covering three phase capacity ranges from 20kW all the way up to 400kW, the Eaton 93PM UPS is a great fit for many applications. This flexibility however means even if you’ve installed a 93PM previously, a different configuration might require a completely different wiring scheme and physical lineup. This post is the first of a multi-part series regarding Eaton 93PM UPS install notes that I have compiled in hopes to increase the efficiency of the installation process.

For Part #1 of this series I will address the major AC/DC termination points on a 208V configuration with the 3-breaker sidecar maintenance bypass as follows:

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Eaton 9PX UPS How-To Quick-Start Video

We have provided a large number of the Eaton 9PX single-phase rack/tower-mount UPS since it’s introduction and figured it was time to post a short quick-start video on getting this little unit running. It’s fairly straight forward but it’s very important that you perform the initial startup in the correct order. This particular video is for the 700VA to 3000VA series of 9PX that is provided for the US Market with 120V in/out.


Eaton 9PX 700VA – 3000VA Quick Start Video

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 12.53.58 AM