Eaton 9PXM UPS Installation in Dallas, Texas

Eaton 9PXM single phase UPS

Learn how installing an Eaton 9PXM UPS system for this customer who had an older, less efficient system saved them money.

Many times, a client will have an existing system go into disrepair. Staff changes or just a busy year at the office can sometimes make it easy to slip on maintenance. For example, this customer had (2) UPS systems installed that would require a significant investment to get them operating as needed. Parts replacements and a complete battery change were a considerable investment to spend on older equipment. After working through their current/future load requirements, we installed (2) new appropriately sized Eaton 9PXM UPS. We then removed the old and provide a complete turnkey solution. In the end, this cost very close to what they would’ve spent to repair their old units. Also, many times we can install a system that has a better efficiency profile, resulting in a lower operating cost.

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Powerware 9315 End-of-Life Reminder & Manuals

Eaton Powerware 9315 UPS
Eaton Powerware 9315

This is just a friendly reminder that there are still a handful of Powerware 9315 UPS hanging around. Most models are now considered end of life, so consequently, parts and service availability will continue to diminish. Many times we are able to replace these aging systems with a lower capacity unit due to a reduction in critical loads. This might mean a much lower cost up-front, and for the long-term than you might think. Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss options.

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Tenant-Finish UPS Right-Sizing

Eaton 93PM UPS and Maintenance Bypass alternative

Often times a tenant will move into a new facility, and there is already an existing UPS system installed. If this occurs, let us help evaluate the viability of re-using or providing a right-sized alternative.

Here is a project we did in partnership with JMEG, LLC’s Tenet Finish group, EA Electric. Quickly we discovered that the client’s existing UPS system was outdated and oversized, so we provided an alternative solution. The JMEG / EA crew installed the new Eaton 93PM UPS that was more cost-effective, appropriately sized, and efficient. Thank’s JMEG / EA for working with us on this project to provide an excellent alternative for the end-user!

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Reorganizing a computer room for changing needs.

Tripp LIte UPS relocation

This great Dallas-based client needed to clean up their computer room from a layout that previously worked well for them. First, we safely shut down the UPS, re-wired, and moved a remote-mount battery cabinet (shown in the following picture). We performed a startup after the relocation to make sure all systems were functioning correctly. This project was seemingly simple. However, it required quite a bit of planning, multiple subcontracted partners, and detailed scheduling to make it happen.

Give us a call if you or a client need to make changes that involve a UPS relocation so we can sort through the options with you.

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Tripp LIte UPS battery cabinet
Tripp LIte UPS display