End-of-Life UPS Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Powerware System 150 UPS

End-of-Life UPS Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Over the last few years, many manufacturers have had equipment turn to End-of-Service life or ESL / EOSL. This means that even though the equipment may still function, in the event of a failure it is becoming increasingly difficult to source parts and/or service personnel required to get back online. If you or a client needs an End-of-Life UPS Replacement system, please contact me and I’d be happy to work through the budget process and help replace things before it’s too late.

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Off-loading UPS System in Irving Texas

Eaton 9355 UPS rigging and installation
Off-loading UPS System with forklift and installation

Off-loading UPS System in Irving, Texas

Not all service providers handle critical equipment the same. For example, we utilize professional freight and moving subcontractors to deliver the required systems with care and precision. The City of Irving, TX, had us add a 3rd Eaton 9355 UPS to an existing parallel system. Here the Austin Rig & Crate / LL Rigging team is receiving the equipment and taking it to its final place. In conclusion, when you put together a great team to get things done right, these projects go off without a hitch. Thanks, everyone, for your hard work! 

Critical System Load Bank Testing in Ft. Worth, Texas

Critical System load bank testing and commissioning
Load bank cable runs

Critical System Load Bank Testing in Fort Worth, Texas

For some clients, a simple startup and system checkout is not enough. Due to the highly critical nature of this Dallas/FTW-based customer’s load, this project required very in-depth commissioning with load banks. From minimal systems to massive ones, sometimes the load is super-critical regardless of its kW calculation. 

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Eaton 9PXM UPS Installation in Dallas, Texas

Eaton 9PXM single phase UPS

Learn how installing an Eaton 9PXM UPS system for this customer who had an older, less efficient system saved them money.

Many times, a client will have an existing system go into disrepair. Staff changes or just a busy year at the office can sometimes make it easy to slip on maintenance. For example, this customer had (2) UPS systems installed that would require a significant investment to get them operating as needed. Parts replacements and a complete battery change were a considerable investment to spend on older equipment. After working through their current/future load requirements, we installed (2) new appropriately sized Eaton 9PXM UPS. We then removed the old and provide a complete turnkey solution. In the end, this cost very close to what they would’ve spent to repair their old units. Also, many times we can install a system that has a better efficiency profile, resulting in a lower operating cost.

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