Alternative UPS solution with Tenant-Finish

Eaton 93PM UPS and Maintenance Bypass alternative

Often times a tenant will move into a new facility, and there is already an existing UPS system installed. If this occurs, let us help evaluate the viability of re-using or providing a better alternative.

Here is a project we did in Lewisville, TX, for example, in partnership with JMEG, LLC’s Tenet Finish group, EA Electric. Quickly we discovered that the client’s existing UPS system was outdated and oversized, so we provided an alternative solution. We then installed a new UPS that was more cost-effective, appropriately sized, and above all, efficient. Thank’s JMEG / EA Team for working with us on this project to provide an excellent alternative for our customers!

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Relocation & Reorganization of this computer room

Tripp LIte UPS relocation

This great Dallas-based client needed to clean up their computer room from a layout that previously worked well for them. First, we safely shut down the UPS, re-wired, and moved a remote-mount battery cabinet (shown in the following picture). We performed a startup after the relocation to make sure all systems were functioning correctly. This project was seemingly simple. However, it required quite a bit of planning, multiple subcontracted partners, and detailed scheduling to make it happen.

Give us a call if you or a client need to make changes that involve a UPS relocation so we can sort through the options with you.

Want to learn more about Critical Site Solutions? Go to and take a look at the projects and various equipment options.

Tripp LIte UPS battery cabinet
Tripp LIte UPS display

Eaton UPS Replacement Project – Big Spring, TX

Eaton 93PM UPS and wall mount maintenance bypass panel

In Big Spring, Tx, we were fortunate enough to replace three (3) Powerware Plus Series and 9315 UPS systems. We updated each of these units with either an Eaton 93PM or an Eaton 9355 configuration.

Not only were we able to modernize the equipment and reclaim some footprint, but this customer will also now see a reduction in their energy usage for years to come!

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Safety First! – UPS System Replacement in Waco, TX

Safety First while replacing Eaton 93PM UPS Installation with Arc Flash suit

I am so thankful to team up with specialty contractors and service groups that put safety first!

These Eaton technicians performed a load bank test on (2) Eaton 93PM UPS systems during a weekend shutdown. Between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, our excellent installation team removed (2) aging UPS systems. They replaced these systems and had everything carrying a critical load by the end of the weekend.

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UPS Rental & Replacement Project in Hurst, Texas

Replacement of Eaton 9390 UPS

While we don’t like to see it happen, occasionally older and mismanaged UPS systems fail. When an unexpected failure like this occurs, it can come as quite a shock to the owner or user. It is important for us to be able to handle this repair or replacement promptly to keep our customer running.

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