Eaton’s 9170+ Refresh is Finally Here! – Eaton 9PXM UPS

9PXM 12 Slot

If you’ve been around UPS systems even a little bit over the years you’ve surely seen a 9170. The original design was a white/beige but for a while now, they’ve been black. It’s been a solid system, and was a very forward-thinking modular design, way before Continue reading “Eaton’s 9170+ Refresh is Finally Here! – Eaton 9PXM UPS”

Line Sheet – 2019

While my line sheet doesn’t list every manufacturer we partner with, consider this the short-list of those we work with on a daily basis. Not finding what you’re looking for? Contact me¬†and I may still be able to help.

line sheet ss


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Welcome Post

If you are an end-user, an electrical design engineer, or an installing electrical contractor working with UPS and IT Power Distribution Systems, this site is for you. This blog is intended to be a simple way to inform my clients on topics that directly effect their power quality and IT power distribution challenges.

Regarding the manufacturers I represent, I’ll be updating periodically on their offerings. Sometimes this will be info on new configuration options and facility planning data, and
other times it may an important Continue reading “Welcome Post”