Eaton 93PM UPS Bypass Panel with Distribution – Plano, TX

To reduce costly downtime for scheduled maintenance and to speed up replacement of a UPS System down-the-road, a remote-mount maintenance bypass panel can be a great choice. This is because having a completely separate bypass cabinet will let the end-user
or service provider completely and safely route utility / generator power around and away from the UPS cabinet in a make-before-break fashion = no loss of load.

To understand how the bypass works from a one-line perspective, here’s a quick sketch
that was put together during the preliminary design stage.

One line sketch

For this particular project, we designed a custom maintenance bypass with integral power distribution breakers to function seamlessly with an Eaton 93PM UPS. Not only does this concept help when scheduled or emergency service is required on the UPS, it also helps save footprint and reduces installation time since the bypass and distribution are all in one enclosure. This particular project was 1 of 3 sites that we successfully did for this client, all with a very tight construction schedule.

Having a remote-mount bypass panel can also provide more space for connecting load bank cables as was being done in the picture below.

Custom Bypass



If you have a project that could benefit from this concept, contact me and I’d be happy to help.

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Plano, TX, USA


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