Eaton 93PM UPS Installation Notes (part #1)

Covering three phase capacity ranges from 20kW all the way up to 400kW, the Eaton 93PM UPS is a great fit for many applications. This flexibility however means even if you’ve installed a 93PM previously, a different configuration might require a completely different wiring scheme and physical lineup. This post is the first of a multi-part series regarding Eaton 93PM UPS install notes that I have compiled in hopes to increase the efficiency of the installation process.

For Part #1 of this series I will address the major AC/DC termination points on a 208V configuration with the 3-breaker sidecar maintenance bypass as follows:

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9315 UPS Replacement & The Palo Duro Canyon

Recently I had the opportunity to work with one of my healthcare clients out in Amarillo, TX. They had been running an old Powerware 9315 UPS which had reached its end-of-service-life. It was time for the replacement so while in town for the project I was able to camp at the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon. You feel miles away from civilization however it’s just a quick 30 minute drive to Amarillo (zero traffic compared to DFW).

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Can I temporarily remove UPS Batteries?

temporarily remove UPS batteries - UPS battery trays

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Eaton 93PM UPS Bypass Panel with Distribution – Plano, TX

To reduce costly downtime for scheduled maintenance and to speed up replacement of a UPS System down-the-road, a remote-mount maintenance bypass panel can be a great choice. This is because having a completely separate bypass cabinet will let the end-user
or service provider completely and safely route utility / generator power around and away from the UPS cabinet in a make-before-break fashion = no loss of load.

To understand how the bypass works from a one-line perspective, here’s a quick sketch
that was put together during the preliminary design stage.

One line sketch

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