End-of-Life UPS Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Powerware System 150 UPS

End-of-Life UPS Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Over the last few years, many manufacturers have had equipment turn to End-of-Service life or ESL / EOSL. This means that even though the equipment may still function, in the event of a failure it is becoming increasingly difficult to source parts and/or service personnel required to get back online. If you or a client needs an End-of-Life UPS Replacement system, please contact me and I’d be happy to work through the budget process and help replace things before it’s too late.

Eaton 93PM UPS with C&D flooded cell batteries
Eaton 93PM UPS installation
Eaton Cutler Hammer Transformer
Eaton 93PM UPS Texas
UPS load bank testing and commissioning in Texas

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Great job on the electrical installation done by Richard’s Electric L.P. Projects with this client are very critical in nature. Thanks for being so easy to work with and helping to keep the “team” vibe alive!

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